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Tysons Overlook New Home for LMI

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Tysons Overlook New Home for LMI

Tysons Overlook is a brand new commercial office building being built between the Gannett building and the Hilton Headquarters in Tysons Corner. It is off of Jones Branch Drive. And right next to a new on and off ramp for the 495 Express Lanes.

LMI, a current Tysons Corner company, is going to be the main tenant/occupant for this building.
LMI is a government contracting company, referred to as a “Federal Managed Consultancy.” It is a company that is forward thinking. This is evidenced by it’s planning and participation in the development and construction of this great new building here in Tysons Corner.

LMI is excited to maintain it’s Headquarter presence in Tysons. They are committed to the Fairfax County area, and also the proximity to it’s many different clients.

With LMIs lease coming up in the current location. The timing proved just right for them to engage in a project like this and make a move.

Here in this video, Matt Daigle of LMI, tells Jeff Wu (local Realtor and Tysons Corner area resident) about the building and why LMI is making the move.

The building will be state of the art, and have some of the best LEED Certifications possible. Right now it is believed it will be LEED Gold certified.

There will also be an attached parking garage.

It’s coming together very nicely, and will be a very impressive site from the beltway. This Tysons Overlook building and development will be one of the first things that commuters and beltway drivers see when heading towards Tysons from the Maryland side.

For more information on Tysons Corner, or to discuss local real estate, contact Jeff Wu at

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