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Real Estate Connections in more than just Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC

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Real Estate Connections in more than just Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC

The kids in this video are singing a song about all 50 states.  Every state is so unique.  They have different: Capitols, landmarks, state birds, climates, populations, and so many other things.  It is amazing and really very cool when you think about all the diversity there is throughout this country.

No matter what state you live in, it is very important to have a great Realtor on your side when you’re buying or selling a home.  Rely on a professional who will be looking out for your needs.  That’s what a great Realtor does.

As a member of a number of top networks nationwide, I regularly attend conferences all over the country.  Multiple times a year I will go out of my local market: Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC.  In these non-local conferences I’ll synergize with other great Realtors.  It’s a great opportunity to discuss best practices, business systems, and different things that are working in each of our markets.  So definitely a time, as Stephen Covey would say, to “sharpen the saw.”  A true professional never stops learning.  Conferences around the country through these networks provide that opportunity for learning.

There is also the opportunity to connect with great Realtors from areas outside of Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC.  I was just at a conference and had the opportunity to connect with Realtors from New York(ask me about Phillip Koeber New York Realtor), Colorado (ask me about Realtor Debra Reinhard), Illinois, Alabama, California (ask me about Mike Strouf Realtor in Silicon Valley and in San Jose), Nevada (ask me about Nevada Realtor Brian Lessinger), Texas (ask me about James Sharp in Dallas, or Joe Diosana in Houston, or Bob Wolk and Sharon Downer in Austin), Florida (ask me about Orlando area Realtor Cindy Rosenbloom), Utah, Georgia (ask me about Atalanta area Realtor Cathy LaMon), Arizona (ask me about Arizona Realtors Carol Letcher and Adam Coe), Washington (ask me about Realtor Magazine 30 under 30 honoree Dan Faulkner Jr.), Oregon (ask me about Portland Oregon area Realtors Wick + Karoline Ashley), and more states.  It was great.  These are truly good people.  Many not only have huge positive impacts on their clients, but also throughout their local communities.  And they are true professionals in the real estate sales business.  Through these networks I’m connected with Realtors helping clients buy and sell homes all over the country.

So don’t think that I can only help you in buy or sell a home in Virginia, Maryland or Washington DC.  If you or someone you know is moving in or to another state in this fine country, let me know.  And I’ll make sure they’re connected to, and served by a great Realtor in one of our top producer networks.  And like this video with the kids,  you’ll get service and results that make you sing!

Come to think of it.  These networks aren’t limited to our country alone.  They even go beyond the United States.  Shoot, at the most recent real estate conference I attended, there were even Realtors from Toronto, Canada.  (Gloria + Albert Yu are super if you need a referral to a Toronto Canada Realtor!) I’ve got the real estate connections to benefit you!

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