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Book Report “The 10x Rule” by Grant Cardone

This book will get you fired up about something

Book Report “The 10x Rule” by Grant Cardone

This book will get you fired up about something

The 10X Rule book by Grant Cardone

I like to read business books.  And some friends recently recommended “The 10x Rule,” by Grant Cardone to me.  I haven’t read any of his other books.  He apparently has written a few books.  To name a few:

– “Sell or Be Sold”
– “If You’re not First You’re Last”
– “The Closer’s Survival Guide”
– “Be Obsessed or Be Average”

It’s got a very unique flavor, or spin, to most anything I’ve read in the past.  There is energy oozing out of it’s pages.  So whether you agree or disagree with the author’s style or opinions, you’ll probably get fired up about something.

A particularly interesting chapter in the book is chapter 22.  Grant lists what he calls “commonly found qualities, personality traits, or habits that make successful people the way they are.”  I don’t know if all successful people embody all of these things.  Since he lists 32 such traits.  But certainly we can all probably think of a few successful people who have a good chunk of them.  These qualities are:

– Have a “can do” attitude
– Believe that “I will figure it out”
– Focus on Opportunity
– Love Challenges
– Seek to solve problems
– Persist Until Successful
– Take Risks
– Be Unreasonable
– Be Dangerous
– Create Wealth
– Readily Take Action
– Always Say “Yes”
– Habitually Commit
– Go All the Way
– Focus on “Now”
– Demonstrate Courage
– Embrace Change
– Determine and Take the Right Approach
– Break Traditional Ideas
– Be Goal-Oriented
– Be on a Mission
– Have a High Level of Motivation
– Be Interested in Results
– Have Big Goals and Dreams
– Create Your Own Reality
– Commit First – Figure Out Later
– Be Highly Ethical
– Be Interested In the Group
– Be Dedicated to Continuous Learning
– Be Uncomfortable
– “Reach Up” in Relationships
– Be Disciplined

So, as you can see, quite a few habits that Grant talks about.  And maybe not all at first glance something that you agree with.  The author’s definitions may not be the same as you’d expect from reading each phrase.  So I recommend that you read “The 10x Rule,” and tell me what you think?

Make it a great day.  And remember, in order to get great stuff out of your mind, you’ve got to keep putting good stuff in.  Avoid the news and any negativity, and read a great book today!

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