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Vienna Virginia Homes Still in Hot Demand

Vienna Virginia Homes Still in Hot Demand

It’s September 2016.  Fairfax County public schools, some of the most renowned in the nation, have just started back up.  That was today in fact.  So lots of change is in the air.  Most are back from summer vacation.  Traffic is going to pick up again.

And although the seasons will be changing soon.  And I’m told the temperatures will change too.  With all this change coming to the area.  Some things haven’t changed.  Right now the temperature is still HOT.  I hear it will be 97 degrees on Thursday.  We will all need to keep cool, despite being back at work and school.

One other thing that hasn’t changed is Vienna Virginia homes are still in hot demand.  One area in particular is very hot.  That’s the price range from $800,000 to $1,000,000.  Any “decent,” home is flying off the shelf.  At least that’s what one of my buyers said to me.  I was in fact just involved in a multiple offer situation in one of these homes.  This is surprising in a way, because I’ve heard local DC metro area Realtor colleagues observe that their buyers lacked a sense of urgency.  Well that is not the case in these Vienna Virginia homes.  It seems like the entry level new builds on lots have gotten pricier.  So this “lower” price point in Vienna Virginia of just under one million, is garnering a lot of attention.  If a Vienna home in a prime location with a decent amount of spaces pops up, the buyers are reacting.  In fact don’t be surprised to see homes in this category get a lot of showings.

Vienna has a lot to offer with it’s old town feel off Church street, and near town center.  As well as the great events they have year round on the town green, in the parks, or all throughout town.  Plus it’s got a metro station, and easy access to the Tysons Silverline metro stations.  Vienna is also well located between the area’s two major job centers.  #1 being Tysons Corner, and #2 being Reston/Herndon combined.  So it’s no surprise that this is an appealing place to live.  It’s also home to some of the top ranking schools in the area, at every level: elementary schools (Westbriar, Wolftrap, Vienna, Stenwood, Louise Archer, Cunningham Park, Marshall Road), middle schools (Kilmer, Thoreau) and High Schools (Vienna, Oakton).

So as things change, realize that some things stay the same.  Vienna Virginia Homes are still in hot demand!  And this is particularly true in the price range from $800,000 to $1,000,000.

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