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Virginia has the best real estate, on cars!

Virginia has the best real estate, on cars!

First impressions, curb appeal, emotions, all those things are important when it comes to selling real estate.  They apply to this post and this topic.  But this time, I’m talking about cars.

It has always been fascinating to me how many license plates in Virginia seem to be personalized.  Virginia has very affordable options for either a stylized car license plate, or creating your own message or combination of characters.  Some do both!

There seem to be options for license plate styles starting as low as $10 each.  And the same for your character selection.  This low annual cost creates very minimal barrier for Virginia car owners who want to show their own form of personality on their car.

There are over 200 selections for the plate Styles.  Just some of the categories are: Antique, College, Military, and Special Interest.

Get started designing yours at the Virginia DMV website.

So the “real estate,” on the back of cars becomes an opportunity for Virginians to have some really great self expression.

Cool space related license plate

Either a Buzz Lightyear fan or someone who is into space?!

This person has some college bills with kids at 3 colleges potentially? Hopefully not all at once!

A James Madison College Themed plate, and thinking they have a child there, and possibly also at Notre Dame and Virginia Tech

Probably a Notre Dame alum

A Notre Dame License Plate

wonder what the initials TBA stand for?

Someone letting everyone know that this sports car is their “Toy”

Here, above, are some great examples of what some Virginians have put on the “real estate,” on the back of their car.

Kudos to the state of Virginia, and the DMV, for enabling Virginians to be fun and creative with the car “real estate.”

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