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The Best Halloween Real Estate in Vienna Virginia

The Best Halloween Real Estate in Vienna Virginia

Funny enough the best Halloween real estate in Vienna Virginia can’t be found today.  It was to be found a week ago.  And it’s not even somewhere that people would live.  It’s the side of the road!  Check out these photos of Vienna Virginia’s Maple Avenue last week.

The annual Halloween parade is such a hit in the Town of Vienna that people put out their towels, sleeping bags, chairs, and other belongings to mark their space (aka real estate) well before the actual event.  Some put these markers out hours before.  Others seem to mark their spot a whole day in advance.

The parade is a great town event that allows kids to literally “parade,” around town in their costume.  It’s awesome to see the creativity of Vienna residents.  And costumes get worn more than just on Halloween day.  So if you want a fun, family friendly, free event, check out the Town of Vienna Halloween parade next year!

And save your real estate, spot to watch the parade, before all the good ones get taken 🙂

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