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Key Characteristics of a Successful Real Estate Investor

Key Characteristics of a Successful Real Estate Investor

What does it take to be successful as a Real Estate Investor, it's not a secret!

Kyle Malnatti, Denver Colorado Commercial Realtor, Interviews Bo Menkiti of Keller Williams Capital Properties

Last week I had the good fortune to hear a talk from a Commercial Real Estate agent who focuses on helping his clients buy multi-family commercial real estate.  He mentioned that he’d seen some common traits to some of his most successful Real Estate Investors.

These 10 traits are listed below.

1. They are BOLD

2. They are OPTIMISTIC

3. They are AUTHENTIC


5. They know their STRENGTHS


7. They follow a SIMPLE PLAN

8. They CREATE multiple streams of income

9. They are DRIVEN

10. They learn to DECIMATE DEBT

Kyle Malnati is a successful commercial Realtor in the Denver Colorado area.  He was recognized as one of Realtor Magazine’s 30 under 30 (years old) in 2012.  Kyle practices real estate with Madison & Company Properties in the Denver area.  His business is focused on helping investors build passive wealth through ownership of multi-unit properties.  Kyle is a graduate of the University of Wyoming in 2004.

To invest in Real Estate in the Denver area, contact Kyle.  To invest in this area, Virginia, Maryland or Washington, DC, contact us.  The team, here to help you Buy and Sell Real Estate!


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