Agent Knows Homes Team doing good in Vienna Virginia

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April 6, 2017
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Agent Knows Homes Team doing good in Vienna Virginia

Today some members of our Agent Knows Homes real estate sales team took time to clean a street in Vienna Virginia.  This is an annual event we hope to do multiple times a year.  This month is particularly significant for the street clean up.  As this month is also the month that Earth Day is in.

Vienna has been honored many times for it’s trees, great town feel, festivals, and other positive characteristics.  Yet, like any town, it’s not immune from having some trash gather on the side of the road.

In picking up items along the road there were a variety of trash items collected.  Some of the most common were: cigarette butts, food wrappers, broken car parts, paper and did I mention cigarette butts.  The street clean up helps with the beautification of the northern virginia road.  It also has other valuable benefits too.  My son would be one of the first to mention that getting rid of the trash helps prevent animals from eating it.  And street cleanup also helps make sure that trash isn’t blown into the sewer and potentially taken to the ocean.  Where it could harm sea creatures and fish.

So we’re grateful to be able to contribute to the community.  Let us know next time if you want to join us on our next street clean up event.  Or even if you have a charitable cause or event we can contribute to or attend.