Be prepared in the Snow and in Buying Real Estate

In Northern Virginia, Washington DC, or Maryland it’s important to be prepared.  Specifically today what’s most relevant is during snow.  As we, right now, are experiencing more winter weather.  It appears that we’ll accumulate somewhere between 2-4″ of snow this time.

My wife thought I was crazy for going out in the snow.  As I was driving around it got me thinking about being prepared.  You can see some cars: Priuses, Miatas, even mini vans along the side of the road; covered in snow.  They are not really the right vehicle for driving around in this winter weather.

Northern Virginia and this area near the Washington DC beltway don’t really seem like the snow mecca’s like in our Northeast region of the country, say Boston, or other areas.  Yet we’re experiencing the snow more and more.  So it’s important to be ready.  To really be prepared, it’s important to have a car with four wheel drive.  And also a vehicle that’s got a solid weight and good tires so it can really get some traction.

Many local area residents will just play it smart and stay home.  This is fine.  If you’re not prepared, or don’t want to deal with the weather, then don’t go out.

I feel like these principles relate well to Real Estate in our DC metro area, and probably all over the country for that matter.  It is super important to be prepared when “going out,” and buying a home in today’s real estate market.

Some good ways to be prepared to buy a home in today’s real estate market are to:

– connect with a great local lender
(it is so important to have someone who know s the areas laws, contracts, taxes, and other ways of doing real estate purchase business – and great to have someone you can look in the eye to know they’re doing what’s best for you in your loan program options)

– get pre-approved by that lender
(this way you’ll know your purchasing power, potential monthly payment scenarios at different prices, and any action steps that may be good to take for your finances for putting yourself in the best position to get the loan you need, and at the best terms possible)

– connect with a great Realtor
(the Realtor is your partner in the process, helping protect your interests keep timelines in perspective and buffer you from stress)

– have your earnest money ready
(if you see a home you want to buy, make sure you don’t have to move money or sell stocks to have this key piece of the offer package available)

– know your ideal timelines
(when does your lease end? do you have to sell a home? do you need time because you’re getting married, starting a new job or going on any trips?)

Being prepared is super important in life.  And it’s not different if you’re dealing with winter weather in Northern Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland, or if you’re getting ready to Buy a home in those same areas.  When you go to buy a home, don’t be like that white car I snapped a picture of covered in snow!