Disney Plus is like Real Estate

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Disney plus is like an online neighborhood for it's content

Disney Plus is like real estate, because it wants to be the hot location for content that's in demand

Disney Plus is like Real Estate. In fact it’s really easy to see in this one. Streaming TV shows and movies and other content is the big thing now. People want the ability to get whatever content they want, when they want it, and where they want it. So they could be, it is really likely, on a mobile device streaming content. Such that many main stream media vehicles or outlets have dubbed what’s happening as the streaming wars. Some major players are: Amazon Prime, Neflix, HBOGo, Hulu, and now Disney Plus.

Netflix has been a huge leader in this industry. In fact some would question Disney’s foray into the “streaming war,” since they had what I heard to be around 16% of the amount of content that Netflix has. Disney firmly believes that it’s popular content will lead the way in helping them be a strong competitor in the eyes of the public for streaming entertainment.

That’s where the tie to real estate is so strong. In real estate, people, the public or consumers, are attracted to “higher value” neighborhoods. They are attracted to these neighborhoods because of 3 main things: High quality schools, low crime (aka: safe neighborhoods), and strong home values. These 3 things area all related. And a 4th element can be very attractive too. That 4th element is other amenities, like close proximity to shops, parks, playgrounds, and more.

Disney believes their high quality content that is in demand now more than ever before: Star Wars, Marvel, National Geographic, Disney Princesses movies and it’s own original movies and other TV content, will win the day and be the draw of consumers and eyeballs to their platform and their content. And they’ve also announced plans to release exclusive content that ties into it’s mainstream movies in the theaters, directly to Disney Plus.

So tell me if this strategy makes sense to you? What streaming platform do you like the most now? Which one do you see being the most popular in a year, five years, or even in ten years? It all seems like an eternity the way we live and consume content has changed so much in the past 10 years. It all goes back to the core tenant of real estate: Location, Location, and Location! Disney Plus is aiming to be the streaming “neighborhood” of choice. That’s why Disney plus is like Real Estate!

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Disney Plus is aiming to be the public’s neighborhood of choice for streaming content.