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March 11, 2014
Real Estate is like sweet frog
Real Estate is like Sweet Frog
March 29, 2014

Fairfax County has recently approved plans to develop two new high-rise apartment buildings between Greensboro Drive and International Drive.

The new development will be built by developer Beacon Capital and will add to the two existing office towers known as 8180 and 8200 Greensboro Park. The two new buildings will include up to 520 apartments with 1,990 square feet of ground retail. The developer will also build 3,000 square feet of public community space that will be leased to the county for $1 per month for 30 years . The two towers will share a lobby with one of the towers reaching 26 stories with up to 276 units and the other reaching 22 stories with up to 244 units. There are also plans for 5 pocket parks ranging from .09 to .62 acres for a total  of 1.5 acres of urban parks.

The development will be pedestrian-friendly and very close to two silver line metro stations.  The Greensboro metro station will be within a 1/4 mile and the Tysons Corner Station will be within a 1/3 mile. In order to meet the parking maximums for Tysons the two buildings will be replacing one of the parking lots and will reduce the spaces available.


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