Patsys American a Great Place to Eat in Tysons Corner

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July 3, 2019
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September 13, 2019

Patsy’s American a Great Place to Eat in Tysons Corner

Went to another local restaurant, and was treated rudely by the hostess.  Sat down, and was going to order.  It was still bothering me.  I really value a great experience.  And that is almost always connected to great service.  Great American Restaurants has always given me great service.  Even when they’re not perfect, and no restaurant ever is every time, they own it and more than make up for it.  This has been my experience at Artie’s, Silverado, Sweetwater Tavern, Jacksons, Coastal Flats, Carylyle and even Ozzie’s.  So was hoping that we’d have great service, and great food, at their new themed restaurant Patsy’s.

I’m grateful to say that neither the food or the service disappointed.  I had the pleasure of eating a Mahi Mahi special for my entree.  And it was preceded nicely by an Ahi Tuna appetizer.  Also was fortunate to have some of their crabcakes.

If you go to Patsy’s in Tysons Corner to eat, I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed by the food or the service.  Two thumbs up to this new restaurant.  And I’m super grateful for another great restaurant in Northern Virginia (technically Vienna Virginia zip code 22182).

If you go check out the mural painted on the wall to the far right in the dining room behind the bar.  Let me know who your favorite “character,” is?