Real Estate is like Sweet Frog

Real Estate is like sweet frog

Real Estate is like sweet frog

Real Estate is like Sweet Frog

I know, you’re saying, “what is he talking about?”

Think about it. Let it sink in. Look at this picture above. I took it tonight. Yes, Saturday March 29th, 2014. The place is packed. The guy taking the payment from everyone at the register  was completely overwhelmed.  There was a line to pay.  C’mon, that’s wild.  And I’m sure welcome at a cold dessert place that probably doesn’t get a ton of business in the colder temperatures.

That is what the real estate market is about to be like. There is a definite synergy in the Northern Virginia market and the demand for high quality frozen yogurt. Once we can get this snow completely gone, the real estate market in Mclean, Vienna, Tysons Corner and beyond is going to explode with energy. There is demand. There is interest. People have simply been to bogged down with winter coats, shoveling, snow days from county schools, and of course the mandatory wave of illnesses people have as the weather can’t decide if it’s ready to stay warmish, or if it wants to go back to winter.

People are ready, so ready, for spring and in fact summer. Sellers are getting their homes prepped. Excess trash and the remnants from serious de-cluttering sessions will soon be found on the curb in local neighborhoods.

I am ready. Yes, so ready. It is time for the Northern Virginia Real Estate market to come alive. From one day when we can bike to dinner and eat on the porch. To the next where we have school closed on Monday from a storm. Serious!? We’ve had enough of that. It’s time for Frozen Yogurt (yes, check out Sweet Frog if you’ve never been – the place is Awesome! You pick your own flavor(s), you can have more than one [that’s just crazy!] and even multiple toppings, a lot or a little), and it’s time for the local Real Estate market to come alive!

Like I said, check out the photo. The place is off the hook, and hopefully this is just the beginning.

Real Estate is like Sweet Frog…..

p.s. in Northern Virginia some of the closest Sweet Frog Locations are =

Sweet Frog Tysons Corner

Pike 7 Plaza 8350 Leesburg Pike Store #1A
Vienna, VA 22182

Sweet Frog in Falls Church City

444-F West Broad Street
Falls Church, VA 22046