Tysons Corner Vegan Restaurant Eating Options

eat vegan in tysons corner

tysons corner has vegan eating options

Tysons Corner Vegan Restaurant Eating.  What did I just say?  Probably say it too quick and would make you say “God Bless You.”

But Seriously, I recently had lunch with a friend.  We did some back and forth on where we should eat.  I didn’t realize he lived by strict dietary guidelines.  Speaking of which that word “dietary,” never seems like the right one.  Because it’s really about lifestyle, and personal decisions of who we are.  Those changes and choices always seem to be most effective.

Well this friend shared with me that he was Vegan.  I didn’t even know what this meant.  So it was fascinating to see that many Tysons Corner restaurants didn’t have menu options he deemed appropriate for the way he ate.  And even more interesting, and eye opening for me, was the area restaurants in and around Tysons Corner that do fit in with his way of eating.

While many restaurants have salads, or soups, looking for a something a little bit more friendly to a Vegan was harder to find.  So I was even more surprised when my friend mentioned PF Changs.  Turns out they have quite a few menu items that met his needs.  So we did end up eating at Tysons Corner’s PF Changs in the Galleria mall.  It was a great meal.

For those looking for more options, or something not as mainstream, there are 2 other restaurants just down the road in Vienna that cater to Vegan and Vegetarian = Sunflower and Amma.

So whatever your dietary, or lifestyle, choices are for eating – I’m sure there is something in or near Tysons Corner that will fit your fancy!

Jeff Wu, your Tysons Corner enthusiast, and local Real Estate (Realtor) professional.