Westbriar Elementary School

Westbriar Elementary School

Jeff Wu, local Realtor, is here in front of Westbriar Elementary School in Vienna.  This Vienna elementary school pulls students from residences in the Tysons Corner area zip code of 22182, as well as the Vienna Town zip code of 22180.  And just as it pulls from these two different areas in Tysons Corner and Vienna, it also feeds to two different high school pyramids.  Westbriar Elementary School students eventually go to either Marshall High school for the Tysons Corner residents, and Madison High school for the Town of Vienna residents.  Both of those high schools are highly ranked in terms of test scores.  Tysons Corner area, McLean, Vienna and surrounding area are fortunate to have multiple high schools in the area that score well on the standardized tests and other ranking metrics.

As students prepare for school, so do teachers.  And just like the other Fairfax County public schools, Westbriar Elementary School will start classes on Tuesday September 3rd, after the Labor Day Holiday weekend.

Westbriar Elementary School is located very close to 2070 Chain Bridge Road and the intersections of Route 123 (Chain Bridge Road) and Old Courthouse Road, or also even slightly closer, the intersection of Old Courthouse Road and Gosnell Road.

The exact address of Westbriar Elementary School is =

1741 Pine Valley Dr, Vienna, VA 22182

The phone number for Westbriar Elementary School is =

(703) 937-1700

Near the beginning of 2013 Westbriar was selected, along with Lemon Road Elementary School and Navy Elementary School, to be one of 3 new AAP schools to be centers for the AAP program.  This move was designed by the Fairfax County public school system to alleviate overcrowding at the current AAP school locations at Haycock, Hunters Woods, and Louise Archer Elementary Schools.

Westbriar Elementary School is rated a 10 out of 10 by the popular website GreatSchools.org (www.GreatSchools.org).

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