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Winter Events throughout January

Although Christmas has come and gone, and the weather has been downright spring-like, winter activities are still in full swing in Northern Virginia. One of the coolest winter activities is skating on an outdoor ice rink. Tysons Corner Center Plaza rink  or Reston Town Center Pavilion ice rink are both open through March. They conveniently offer skate rentals as well. If you’re looking to venture into the city, the National Mall Gallery’s Sculpture Garden also has an ice rink. Many... Continue Reading >

Tour of the Old Town Fairfax Historic District

Every Saturday from now until November 28th enjoy a weekly walking tour of the Old Town Fairfax Historic District. This is a walking tour that starts at 4pm and lasts approximately two hours. It is held at the Fairfax County Courthouse located at 4000 Chain Bridge Road, Fairfax, Virginia. Tickets are $10  a person. With various discounts regarding groups and students, it is well worth the money. All proceeds made from the tour go to the Friends of the Historic... Continue Reading >

Pumpkin Masterpieces

Last week we featured the Tysons Harvest Festival, and this week we are piggy-backing with another event happening in Tysons Corner, Virginia again. In addition to the second weekend of the Tyson Harvest Festival, there will be artisan pumpkin carvers creating beautiful displays until November 1st. The displays change daily and can be seen from 6pm to 10pm. The address is Lerner Town Square at Tysons II, 8020 Galleria Drive in Tysons Corner, Virginia. Buying, selling or simply living in a... Continue Reading >

Tysons Fall Harvest

The second annual Tysons Fall Harvest is happening the weekends of October 17th and 18th, as well as October 24th and 25th. It is open 12pm-5pm daily, and is located at 8025 Galleria Drive, Tysons, VA. The event is being held at the corner of Lerner Town Square and Tysons II. Admission can be purchased on site at the event or in advance at a discounted price here. Kids 15 and under are free. There are also family packages, as... Continue Reading >

Merrifield Fall Festival

Looking for a fun event for the whole family? On October 17th the Merrifield Fall Festival is happening. This event is held at 2920 District Avenue in Fairfax, Virginia. It runs from 11AM to 5PM. This event is presented by the Greater Merrifield Business Association or GMBA. More information about this event and the GMBA can be found here. The Merrifield Fall Festival is free and open to the public. There is something for all ages, adults and children as well... Continue Reading >

Tysons Green 3rd Quarter 2015 Home Sales Report

Tysons Green 3rd Quarter 2015 Home Sales Report When heading away from Tysons Corner using Old Courthouse Road, towards the Town of Vienna, on your right hand side you'll pass Westbriar Elementary.  On the same side of the Old Courthouse Road as this AAP magnet school, the right side, you'll find a neighborhood called Tysons Green.  This neighborhood, Tysons Green, has approximately 200 homes. In the 3rd quarter, from June to September, of 2015 there was activity in Tysons Green's real estate... Continue Reading >

Westwood Manor Vienna Home Sales 3rd Quarter 2015

Westwood Manor Vienna Home Sales 3rd Quarter 2015 Located close to Tysons Corner off of Old Courthouse Road.  And standing between boundaries like Creek Crossing Road, Westbriar Elementary School, and Westwood Country Club.  This neighborhood, Westwood Manor, in Vienna Virginia's 22180 zip code has 158 properties according to the tax record.  The homes in this neighborhood tend to be either Rambler, Colonial, or Split Level.  Many have been renovated or remodeled to include extensions and build outs that may have occurred... Continue Reading >

Emergency Items for the Home

Accidents can happen at any time. Some accidents are miniscule and can be easily cleaned up or put back together. Other times, there is a travesty that happens that can wreak havoc. A few simple items a homeowner can keep on hand, or in their home, can help prevent a majority of accidents in the home from happening. A very common, but also very important item, is a smoke detector. It is recommended that smoke detectors are located on every floor... Continue Reading >

October Events

With the official arrival of the fall season happening this week, it is only fitting to discuss the upcoming month of October’s events. October can mean a variety of things for people, but most like to view October as the month of changing seasons and Halloween. With the changing of summer into fall, the beautiful Farmer’s Markets in the Fairfax area will be on full display. The changing seasonal fruits and vegetables are sure to be something you should check out.... Continue Reading >

Reston Virginia Water Mine Has Another Grand Opening

New Grand Opening at WAter Mine 8/1/15 Reston Virginia Water Mine Has Another Grand Opening Northern Virginia is full of great amenities and recreational activities.  The Water Mine is one of those great places to have fun at with friends or family.  Right now is a great time to talk about the Water Mine.  Being a Water Park it's a great summer destination.  The Water Mine is located at 1400 Lake Fairfax Drive, Reston, VA 22039.  It's easy to get to from Tysons or even parts West in... Continue Reading >