The Future of Our Metro Tysons Corner

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February 15, 2013
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March 2, 2013
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Metro is coming soon to Tysons Corner

MetroFutureThe Future of Our Metro Tysons Corner

Momentum is the name of a plan created by the management of Metro to define the possible future plans for expansion, continual refurbishing, repair, and improvement. The entire system has to be managed in such a way that it remains competitive and can handle the expected population growth in the Tysons Corner area and National Capital Region.

Metro used the feedback collected from thousands of residents in the Tysons Corner area and Capitol Region through surveys, emails, meetings, and forums to identify issues and form solutions. Many of the responses indicated how important the Metro system was as a deciding factor in moving to the Tysons Corner and the Capitol area in the first place. Another common remark was the important role that the Metro played in helping people make a job decision because of the convenient commute.

Transit planners are taking the initiative to look to the future and develop plans that prevent already crowded trains and buses from falling into disrepair. Their goal is to create a network that operates seamlessly and comfortably for the entire region of Tysons Corner and beyond. To meet the future needs of customers, the Metro planners will maximize the current network utilizing the full capacity as a basis for the future expansion.

Some of their priorities include serving more riders, providing faster service, increasing the power capacity, adding more railcars, and making all the trains available during the peak hours. Another goal is to create more pedestrian connections between specific stations, adding new transfer options, and increasing flexibility.

The funding estimates required to meet all of the short and long term goals, ensure the continued reliability and safety of this incredible system are calculated for each phase of the expansion. The first phase is estimated to cost one billion dollars for the first year and the second phase would require an additional five hundred million dollars per year. Although at this stage, there is no indication of how long the last phases would actually take; the last phase of the process will require an additional seven hundred and forty million dollars per year. The plan sounds expensive on the surface, but contains a number of conceptual ideas, includes the long range plan that will encompass the needs of the community beyond the year 2040, and is still in the developmental stages. More public input is planned to help shape the process before any decisions are made.

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