Tysons Corner Real Estate Report McLean 22102 and Vienna 22182

Year to Date Townhome Sales in 22182
November 8, 2013
Tysons Corner Talk with John Foust
November 18, 2013

Tysons Corner Real Estate Report McLean 22102 and Vienna 22182

Here Jeff Wu, local Real Estate Specialist, talks about key statistics in local Real Estate.  Focus is on closed month data of September 2012 vs. September 2013 in McLean zip code 22102 and Vienna zip code 22182.  These are the 2 zip codes that come together from McLean and Vienna to make Tysons Corner.

Real Estate has done well in 2013 in terms of positive growth of appreciation and value.

That is congruent in both zip codes, as you see in McLean and Vienna (and therefore Tysons Corner) that Days on Market has decreased.  So homes are selling quicker.

Another positive statistic in these Tysons Corner zip codes is the average home sales price.  In both areas it has increased.

So that is good news for Tysons Corner area home owners.

It could also be considered good news for those looking to buy in Tysons Corner.  This kind of growth is hypothesized by pundits to continue for a number of years in this local area, and nationally as well.

To talk Real Estate, or anything else related to Tysons Corner, McLean, Vienna, or the surrounding area, contact Jeff Wu, local Real Estate Specialist.

Jeff Wu – [email protected]

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