DC Area Real Estate Signs to make you smile

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March 11, 2019
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April 25, 2019

DC Area Real Estate Signs to make you smile

Hoping to make this topic a recurring blog theme.  So please email me photos of any cool signs you see.  The signs in questions can make you laugh, smile, or even just lift an eyebrow.

Here’s a few that I saw over the weekend recently.  Was at a basketball tournament at Georgetown Visitation school.  And on the way out, noticed 2 signs.  See Below

I’ve always liked deer crossing signs.  And when at the beach even see an occasional turtle crossing sign.  So to see a “Nuns Crossing” sign was Awesome!  Don’t know if I’ve ever seen a nun in person, let alone crossing the street. (By the way, does Nun get capitalized? is it like Doctor? or Lawyer?)

These signs made me smile.  I hope they did the same for you.  Washington DC area, yes – I’m including Virginia and Maryland in that, needs more of these types of things to make us smile.  It was a nice, and welcome, surprise in my day.  I’m sure they may become common place, or taken for granted, by those who visit this particular school daily.  I thought it was fun.  Let me know what signs are right under your nose on your work building, or on a silly neighbors house?