The Real Estate Industry is like Viking Mini Golf

The Real Estate Industry is like Viking Mini Golf

At the beach, and on vacation, there are many ways to spend time.  One of the best is miniature golf.  Believe it or not, miniature golf – and specifically Viking miniature golf, has many similarities to Buying and Selling Real Estate.  Check out these paralells of miniature golf and Real Estate Sales.

When you buy a home, you always want to make sure it has a few good places to sit!

Some homes come with history.


Some real estate and homes come with animals or creatures nearby.

When buying or selling a home, the goal can be obvious.  Yet in Real Estate, even when you see your target, there can be bumps along the way to get to settlement.

Good signage always helps when finding the right home.

It always helps to be happy and nice with your neighbors.

Mini golf like buying a home, can also be more expensive than you thought.  So save your money when planning to go to miniature golf on vacation, or when planning to buy a home!