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March Madness Bracket Challenge: Selection Sunday is this Weekend!

Featured Video Play Icon Fill out your bracket by 3/14! We know you can pick a winning Real Estate team. Can you pick a winning BASKETBALL team? Join us in playing in our first annual Bracket Challenge. THIS WEEKEND: Selection Sunday is March 11 when the teams are revealed. Complete your bracket by March 14 to be entered in a raffle for a chance to win $50 gift certificates. Check your E-mail: We have sent you an invitation via CBS Sports to join our bracket pool. It may be in your... Continue Reading >

The Real Estate Industry is like Viking Mini Golf

The Real Estate Industry is like Viking Mini Golf At the beach, and on vacation, there are many ways to spend time.  One of the best is miniature golf.  Believe it or not, miniature golf - and specifically Viking miniature golf, has many similarities to Buying and Selling Real Estate.  Check out these paralells of miniature golf and Real Estate Sales. [gallery ids="3197,3177"] When you buy a home, you always want to make sure it has a few good places to sit! [gallery ids="3171,3169"] Some... Continue Reading >